Weddings & Events

Since 1981, we have provided Lafayette and surrounding areas with the finest musicians, both instrumental and vocal, for weddings, parties, receptions, company events or any other function requiring sophisticated music. We can provide one musician, a chamber orchestra, and everything in-between (duo, trio, quartet, etc.). Most important to us is that our music compliments your occasion exactly the way you envision it. Played by experienced professionals, live music brings your event to the next level and will long be remembered (in a good way!) by your guests. We have often heard that what people remember the most is not the food, decorations or venue, but the live music! Commonly requested instruments include: violin, viola, cello, bass, keyboard (piano/organ/portable keyboard), trumpet, flute and harp. These instruments may play alone or in various combinations (solo, duet, trio, quartet, quintet, etc.) and vocalists may be added. We will be happy to assist you in picking exactly the right combination of musicians for your venue and budget. We can also provide experienced student violinists for well-matched occasions.Music is often the most memorable part of an event and sets the tone. Our main objective is to meet your wishes while giving you the best possible result!


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Solo Violin
Violin Duo
Violin Cello Duo
Violin Piano (Organ, Keyboard) plus add-ons
Violin Piano Standards
String Trio
String Trio Additional Selections
Quartet-Quintet Classical plus add-ons
Quartet-Quintet Standards/Pops